Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Good Example of What Not to Do


Okay so look at this from the objective outsider. 1. If you were visiting, would you ever go back? 2. Does this make christians look good? 3. If you spend all this time publicly tearing people down does finishing it with I love you make it okay?

This is abusive use of the pulpit. He says he is important which shows his ego. But God should be lifted up not this guy. John  3:30 has John the Baptist telling his disciples that Christ must become greater and he must decrease. Verse 31 expands on this by saying that Christ is from heaven and is above all, but those from earth speak as one from earth. We are not the important ones, we are earthen vessels. God is the important one.

This is not making anyone walk away from the sermon having grown in their walk with Christ. On the contrary, I bet a lot of folks felt pretty low afterward. If you have a problem with a congregant you should take it to them in private. But airing grievances from the pulpit like this is not biblically sound. In Matthew 18:15-20 Jesus tells us how to deal with sin in the church. Go point out there fault just between the two of you, then if they won't listen get a witness, then if they won't listen take it to the church. Hunting people down from the pulpit is just abusive.

Watching this video made my breath get very shallow, as it reminded me so much of MFC.